For way too long, we have defined “education” too narrowly. Our institutions produce a way of thinking that is only about exams and test scores rather than being valuable for out-of-classroom contexts and purposes, with little preparation for the real world.

The solution is to find new ways of embedding critical thinking and problem solving that prepare our students for the 21st century.



A world of puzzles for the cognitive development and art of problem solving for all ages.


Bespoke 1-on-1 enrichment programs to create 100x smarter children - children who can think and find their own voice


A 50-session rigorous math training program for future math enthusiasts and problem solvers, for students 6-13 years old.


the action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something.


Mom of Sam

New Delhi (9 years)

I love solving Vexors with my son. It’s deep focus. It’s meditative. It’s engaging. It’s calming. It’s contributing. It’s expansive. It’s confidence building. It’s widening the thinking horizons.

Ms. Ruchi R.


Vexors are just what I was looking for! My daughter is a curious kid and is always asking me questions about everything. While it's a pleasure answering all her questions, for the first time, anything other than her books got her undivided attention and I got a break from the questions. The way Vexors challenged her and made her think in multiple dimensions at the same time, is what every kid should be doing. The Aha! moment when she finally solved something that was positively "vex"ing for her, has her and me hooked to Vexors. I'd recommend Vexors to all parents. Do try one yourself first to see the beauty of a Vexor.